Pin Up Aviator slot machine from Spribe

Pin Up website presents the online slot Pin Up Aviator from the developers of Sbribe. This is a multiplayer machine that was released on the mass market in 2019. According to the creators themselves, they were among the first to create such a revolutionary product of a new generation according to advanced quality standards. If you describe the gameplay in the simplest possible words, the user sees an airplane, control panel and statistics. You need to place a bet and pick up the money before the transport flies away.

Pin Up Aviator

What can a gambler get in this original virtual entertainment? The ordinary excitement to earn some money goes hand in hand with real opportunities to win. Despite all the simplicity of the machine, sometimes you need patience to win, and especially thought-out users even develop their own strategies.

Advantages of the game Aviator

To evaluate all the advantages, you need to first understand how to play Aviator. As already mentioned, the whole process is based on the flight of an aircraft that moves on the screen and at the same time a curve grows, which directly affects the coefficient. The longer the flight of the "main character" of the game, the more triumphant the victory. For example, you bet a certain amount and decided to withdraw it when there was a coefficient of 2.00 on the monitor. Congratulations, the original bet has returned with a double advantage. However, it is important to press the "Cash" button before the transport flies on its business.

In non-standard gameplay, there is the main advantage of the Pin Up Aviator slot. The intrigue is alive throughout the flight, which can stop at both 1.00 and 1,000. A great chance of taking money makes Pin Up Aviator one of the most profitable games for the user.

Another positive side of the Pin Up Aviator is that users do not sit alone at the table. This is a multiplayer fun where there is a special chat where you can chat and improve your own social skills. Here an experienced player can suggest more "green" winning strategies. This is done without malicious intent, because there is no more rivalry between users, as, say, in poker. Everyone places their bets and can withdraw it at any time independently of other people at the table.

Sbrib's Pin Up Aviator slot follows all modern standards, so in the game you can find settings with the following features:

  • Sound adjustment,
  • music adjustment,
  • enable or disable animation,
  • bonus betas,
  • Provably Fair settings,
  • rules of the game,
  • your bets,
  • limits of the game!

The plus, of course, is that the provider collects statistics that everyone can get acquainted with. To do this, it is enough to look at the window, which is located at the top of the screen, where the winning odds of the last fifteen rounds are shown.

Strategy for the game Aviator

Despite all the seemingly simplicity of the process, the Pin Up Aviator game is a real gift for all those who like to build their own winning schemes. Everyone can come up with an individual enrichment recipe, but there are already proven schemes that they would like to share.

  • If you don't really want to wait, and you need to make money faster, then this option for you is to bet in a limited minimum range. We recommend taking coefficients from 1.1 to 1.4 abroad. Experience shows that in most cases the plane most often completes the journey on these sections!
  • The second strategy is already used by more experienced gamblers. Go to the statistics, betting history and find the last 100+ odds. You need to add 1 hour to the time of that result and charge two bets at the same time. The first of them should be with a coefficient of 35-40, and the second - 100. The logic of such actions is simple. The simulator is a sequential action of algorithms, and the incredible coefficient 100 falls once for 1-1.5 hours. Perhaps your mathematical expectation will bring a profitable cash bonus!
  • Another mathematical approach. You can bet on 1% of your current balance. You should wait until air transport reaches 1.5, and then press the "Cash" button. If you can't win, the next bet should be increased by the amount you lost!
  • The last secret is that it is worth waiting for the series with odds of 1.0-1.8 to repeat ten times in a row. Only after that you need to make two bets with the same amount and close in the range of 5-15!

However, it is important to understand that online no one, not even the most successful strategy, can guarantee a momentary result. On a bad day, you can listen to the roar of the engine all day and leave with a minus, and the next day only one bet for the jackpot is enough.

Auto game and life betting

The user can start the Pin Up Aviator slot machine in auto mode. In such a situation, the game is fully or partially given to the control of the computer. This is done in the betting menu, where there is an "Auto" slider. Switch to it, and your excitement will be controlled by artificial intelligence. Many players use this mode for thoughtful strategies when it takes a long time to get into the plus.

What exactly does the computer control when the reins of power are transferred to its chips? In automatic Pin Up Aviator mode, you can customize everything to your own preferences. The player only needs the amount he is ready to charge. If you turn on the "auto-sup" slider, artificial intelligence will take part in all flights of the aircraft and will not miss a single round. By disabling this option, you can wait for the winning race yourself.

The "auto cache" function allows you to control the moment when you need to pick up the bet. It's banal. If you turn on this function and put a coefficient of say 1.50, the computer will automatically calculate the rate, unless, of course, the plane starts falling earlier.

Since the user has as many as 2 playing fields, all identical operations can be carried out with the second one. Let's say, the first to manage yourself, and entrust the second field to the computer, which will display all your winnings in the adjustable range. Such functionality is extremely profitable to use for building unique strategies.

In life mode, you can play Pin Up Aviator for free. To do this, a demo version has been created in which you can get the first experience and simply improve your own skills. In Live, you can quickly check the lobby, because the statistics on the left show other players, their bets, coefficients and wins. With this feature, you can not only check the machine for honesty, but also collect information that can be used in further bets. There is also an already mentioned chat, which is constantly moved from the communication of players.


How is the coefficient calculated in Sbribe's Aviator, and when do you need to press the withdrawal button correctly? We have collected answers to the most popular questions.

How to play Aviator?

Most of the game time you will look at a flying plane. The longer its path, the greater the coefficient, the value of which is displayed on the curve. Users should choose the bet amount at the table and click the "Cash" button at their discretion. If you did it before the plane finished the flight, the winning amount is calculated depending on the coefficient.

How to win at Aviator?

To start earning, the player must make a deposit. After that, it will be possible to bet on real money. There are many ways to hit the jackpot. There are strategies developed by experienced players, or you can just wait for the 100 coefficient for good luck and cash out the jackpot. We also recommend that you monitor the statistics that are displayed on the screen.

How do I get free spins in Aviator?

There are options not to spend money on this machine. You can play in demo mode or use free spins. You can get them in a variety of ways. The first such bonuses are given to new customers for registration, active users are regularly encouraged. Free spins can also be obtained for passing quizzes.